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I'm just a normal girl living this amazing life God has blessed me with one ingredient at a time!

I love cooking...usually...unless I concoct some epic failure, and then I throw my hands up and vow to never step foot in the kitchen again!  But eventually, I talk myself into trying again, and occasionally it works out for me.  My husband and step-daughter are extremely thankful when this happens.

I love collecting recipes.  I truly have more recipes than any one person should.  The problem is that I collect them, and more often than not, I end up just using an "old faithful" recipe instead.

I love talking...sometimes.  I can totally rule the quiet game...just ask my step-daughter, but sometimes there are just things that need to be said and words that need to be shared!

I love family.  I've become part of a new family a little over a year ago.  My husband is amazing!  He grounds me; he takes care of me; he provides for me; he loves me.  And the man makes me laugh!  I couldn't stop laughing the first time we talked, and I knew then that God had something special for me and this hilariously amazing man!  Another awesome part of that deal is my step-daughter!  She inspires me; she looks up to me; she loves me.  And she entertains me almost as much as her daddy!  Together the three of us make a pretty awesome team!

I love Jesus.  He is my life giver.  He is the bread and living water of my life.

Through this blog I hope to share all of these loves in my life with you.  I get to cook and collect and narrow down these recipes.  I get to talk...virtually anyway...and for that my husband is extremely thankful.  His motto is to "keep it simple," so when I start talking about the difference between a chocolate chip and a chocolate chunk, his eyes glaze over and deep inside him there's a voice crying "Why me!?!"  Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but I imagine he feels a little like I do when he starts telling me about the stuff inside the car that makes it louder, faster, awesomer, etc...

Please Note:  I've collected a lot of recipes over the years, and I haven't kept great records of where I've collected them from.  When I do know, I will most certainly give credit where credit is due.

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